Thank you for purchasing your new German Shepherd puppy from Colorado Shepherds. We hope that you will enjoy your new puppy for years to come. We have taken special care to ensure that your new puppy is healthy. Your puppy has been selectively bred for excellent quality, health, soundness, intelligence and good temperament.

We have included signed guarantee from Colorado Shepherds in your package. We have also included a guarantee for you to read, initial sign and return.

Once you have signed and initialed the guarantee, please include your contact information on the last page of the guarantee and email or fax it back to us.

Note: When receiving your puppy in the crate, please open the crate door and step away from the crate (three to four feet away). Let your puppy come out of the crate on his/her own without pulling the puppy out of the crate yourself (be patient as your puppy will come out of the crate). Do not pull the puppy out of the crate as this may frighten him.

This agreement is non-transferrable and applies only to the original buyer of the puppy.

If you have any questions, please call us at (720) 625-9595. Phone: (720) 625-9595 Fax: (720) 625-9595


Colorado Shepherds Health Guarantee
This guarantee becomes effective on the date of purchase and will continue for the period of THREE years

  1. Colorado Shepherds hereby warranties the German Shepherd identified as:Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Sire: __________________________________________________________________________ Dam: _________________________________________________________________________ Gender: ____________ DOB: ________________ Purchase Price $: ______________________ Microchip Number: ______________________________________________________________

  2. Colorado Shepherds agrees to warranty above puppy up to three years with any genetic problems that would prevent it from living an otherwise normal and healthy life. If a claim for a genetic problem is made, written verification on letterhead from a qualified, licensed veterinarian must be provided to Colorado Shepherds with a diagnosis/description of the problem. The puppy’s microchip number must be on all x-rays /vet reports. Colorado Shepherds reserves the right to have the puppy (and/or reports) re-inspected by its own veterinarian for confirmation of the genetic defect before replacing the puppy. In the event that the puppy is replaced, it will be replaced with a comparable replacement when one becomes available. Colorado Shepherds is not responsible for contagious disease or accidental death.Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

  3. Colorado Shepherds agrees to replace a puppy if hips/elbows do not certify at OFA fair or better (A3 or better). X-rays must be done by a certified, orthopedic veterinarian. A certified, orthopedic veterinarian must provide written diagnosis and x-rays which clearly identify dysplasia. The puppy’s microchip number must be on all x-rays/vet reports. If hip/elbow dysplasia is suspected, it is required that clients have x-rays (done by orthopedic vet) submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), who will review the x-rays and determine a hip rating. Clients are welcome to submit preliminary findings, however, the guarantee applies only to dogs two years of age or older. X-rays of females must be submitted prior to pregnancy/heat cycle. (All x-rays performed by veterinarian and submitted to the OFA are at the buyer’s expense).Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial) Phone: (720) 625-9595 Fax: (720) 625-9595







Colorado Shepherds guarantees that this dog is intact.

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

Colorado Shepherds will not honor any of the terms of the guarantee if the dog has been mated before two years of age.

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

Colorado Shepherds guarantees that the dog is or can be registered with the American Kennel Club.

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

Colorado Shepherds guarantees that the temperament of this dog is sound when it leaves premises.

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

In the event that the guarantee is honored, Colorado Shepherds will provide another dog of the same quality, age, gender and value. We do not ask that you return the original dog to us. Proof of spay/neuter on original dog must be presented before replacement puppy is received. (Due to the fact that we are a small breeder, we may or may not have a puppy on hand for immediate replacement. We will provide a replacement as soon as we are able. Guarantee limited to one replacement puppy. Health/genetic guarantee applies only to original purchased puppy. Seller is not responsible for shipping on replacement puppy.)

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

Colorado Shepherds reserves the first right of ownership of the dog if the owner intends to sell or transfer ownership to another. This guarantee only applies to original owner.

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

While Colorado Shepherds does believe in responsible dog ownership, we do not believe it is in the best interest of the dog to be spayed or neutered before 18 months of age (or two heat cycles for a female). We are happy to provide you with documentation supporting this. Because of this, if your puppy is spayed or neutered prior to 18 months of age, this contract becomes null and void.

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)


10. Phone: (720) 625-9595 Fax: (720) 625-9595


  1. Colorado Shepherds is a seasonal operation, therefore we offer NO CASH REFUNDS. Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

  2. The entire Agreement between the parties is contained herein. In the event of a dispute, the state of Colorado will have jurisdiction over the matter.Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

  3. Buyer has agreed to have the animal checked by a licensed veterinarian within 2 days from the date of purchase at buyer’s expense.Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

14. Shipping is available at buyer’s expense. We only use airlines that offer climate controlled areas along the entire route. Shipping needs to be paid in full at least one week prior to estimated to ship date. Cost includes airline tickets, required health certificate, crate and pet taxi to originating airport. Seller is not responsible for shipping charges for any reason.

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

15. This agreement also acts of Bill of Sale. By signing it, the buyer agrees that he/she is receiving the puppy described in item #1.

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

16. Should a dispute arise, buyer agrees to pay any attorney fees and/or court costs necessary to settle dispute.

Client agrees to terms above _______________________________(Initial)

Seller: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________________ Todd/Heather

Buyer: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________________ Phone: (720) 625-9595 Fax: (720) 625-9595


Please provide us with your contact information. This is the address we will send your registration paperwork to:Name: ________________________________________________________ -___________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: _______________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________ Cell: __________________________________ Emailaddress: _______________________________________________________________You will receive the health record/microchip information when you receive your new puppy. It will include vaccination and de-worming dates.Thank you!!! Phone: (720) 625-9595 Fax: (720) 625-9595