HAMILTON, (our new Stud) Powerful, Strong, Masculine, Thick Structure, Massive BIG Head, Robust Bone Mass, with Large body type, prominent, young STUD male. superior over-all type, BIG, correct and expressive male! The son of “THREE TIMES World Champion” VA1/VA1 Fulz di Zenevredo. Hamilton is ranked SG4, Fourth ranked in Germany (2014 LG04) under judge H. Buß. Very expressive, male, nicely pigmented, build in very good proportion, substantial, powerful, absolutely clear in the head. We are proud and HONORED to have this magnificent stud in our breeding program in the US!!!


IBERO, is 2ND RANKED IN THE WORLD 2015! Wow – what an accomplishment, Absolutely a stunning young stud, fully titled, excellent hips, excellent elbows, strong bone structure, MASSIVE HEAD, masculine, pronounced Black mask, excellent drive and power. Absolutely clear in the head, loves children and other dogs, friendly in nature, excellent pedigree ready to play and ready to please attitude. Great pedigree from both parents, Fully titled grand parents in SchH3’s (schutzhund 3) with Kkl1 (recommended to breed) and excellent hips and elbow. Healthy lines. WORLD CHAMPION VA1 Pakros d’ Ulmental and WORLD CHAMPION VA1 Ursus von Batu (Ibero’ss Great Grandfather).